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Coconut mats

Coconut mats are made from the softened coconut fibres joined with latex. The natural structure of fibres makes the mats elastic, breathable and durable. Coconut doesn’t exude any toxins and substances which could be harmful for the airways or skin. Is recommended mainly for all allergy sufferers. Moreover, coconut absorb moisture and drain it out fastly.

Horse hair

Horse hair

Extremely durable and is characterized by fantastic ventilation properties. Perfectly drains all the moisture from the body. Moreover, it provides an appropriate microclimate, high durability and great comfort.


Cotton flower

It is a natural fiber, used on summer side of mattress. Assures an extremely good ventilation and enhance sleeping comfort.

Seven zones

Zonal mattress

Pocket springs of seven hardness zones, each in its own pocket of material. The springs are not connected together so each of them move independently.



The natural product, used on winter side of mattress. Retains warmth of the body and perfectly absorbs sweat excreted during a sleep.


Latex mat

The natural product obtained on rubber-tree based milk. It has high flexibility and durability. Durable for deformaions, perfectly fits to the body’s shape.

Pocket spring

Pocket spring

They give a very good point support, the mattress fits perfectly to body’s shape.


Bonell springs

Bonnel type spring made from high-class wire with a 2,2 mm in diameter. The construction assures high inflexibility and durability of this filling material.

Mattress cover

Mattress cover

Is made from a high quality fabric, quilted by cotton wool with 80g/m2 thickness. The embossing and colour tone may change. Possibility to wash the cover in 40oC. The mattress also available with the cover on zip puller.